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Gay Chat Zone Review - Read This Before You Sign Up

Gay Chat Zone is popular gay chat room that's been around for a number of years now. As one of the premier free online chat rooms for the gay community, Gay Chat Zone does a lot of stuff right. But of course, it has a few bumps in the road too. Want to know everything about this site? Will it get you laid? What other rooms make good alternatives? Here's our Gay Chat Zone review.

Sign Up and First Impressions

From a glance at the Gay Chat Zone homepage, it seems like an active and lively place with lots of gay men. You can chat with one of the many gay men there; it is a good and welcoming place with a lot of content.

The sign up process is easy enough. You have to create an account but it's totally free to do so. The site asks you to create a user name for your profile and password. The next thing is to click on the link to complete the registration form. Once that's all done, you can connect instantly with the other users available.

The Selection of Gay Chat Rooms

As mentioned, Gay Chat Zone has many rooms of like-minded men. You can choose rooms based on preferences. Like any sex chat site, if you want to participate in an activity the site is offering, then join in. There is a lot to choose from. But if you just like to visit and chat about your feelings, thoughts, interest… whatever you like, choose a chat room. The site has a good amount of choices.

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Joining A Gay Chat Room

After reviewing the available chat rooms, we joined some of them to see what they're like. We also joined the Gay Chat Zone live chat section just to meet the models from the site, which was an option during our free trial. It takes you to a full screen video and you have the option to view at full screen and chat with the model.

Pros of Gay Chat Zone

Like Minded Men

A lot of people enjoy chatting because they find it relaxing and fun. It's something they do to unwind, get connected, find out what's bothering them, and just have a good time. And Gay Chat Zone has a lot of like-minded men who share the same interests as you. Plus, because it's an adult chat site, they can be more candid and give you more details that you wouldn't get from other chat rooms.


When you're visiting Gay Chat Zone, you can be as open and free with your feelings and your desires. No one will know who you are. You will be able to talk about anything you want to. The site doesn't ask you for any personal information when signing up, so you can start chatting in the comfort that no one will know your real identity.

Cons of Gay Chat Zone

Limited Chat Rooms

We've mentioned that there is a lot to choose from but there are certain rooms. Not many rooms specifically designed for threeways, couples, or bisexual men or women. Some of the room choices are very general like the Gay Chat Zone Men's chat room or something like that.

User Interface

This site is a typical chat site and there aren't a lot of options. It's not a lot of bells and whistles; you're just looking for connections. Connecting with other chatters is super simple and doesn't include a messy interface like some gay chat rooms.

Final Verdict

Gay Chat Zone was another video chat site we tried out. We had a very good experience using it. And, we think you will too. If there is anything special you noticed about the chat room where did they do a good job? Was there anything that wasn't so good? What made the chat room most enjoyable? Do you have any other questions about Gay Chat Zone? Let us know!