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If you like to have a little gay fun online, then you might have stumbled across B Gay at a few times. But while B-Gay has some fantastic features, it's not the number one place to meet gay men anymore. We're here to tell you why is the new hotspot to meet gay and bisexual men in an online environment. Read on for more information.

Registration Is Free accepts men from all over the globe. Registration is completely free. There's no obligation to make a premium account on our site. You can connect instantly and get chatting without spending anything. Just create a username and you're ready to go. Put simply, other gay dating apps can't compete with our features, service and vast user base.

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No Personal Information Required

We understand that it's very important to our many users that their privacy is maintained. That's why we've taken measures to safeguard your information on Gay Chat. All anonymous chat, and even the browsing capability within the website is fully private.

At, we allow you to register with us using an anonymous nickname. While some members like to use their real names, other users prefer the anonymity. Those who sign-up with an anonymous account can chat securely without revealing anything about themselves.

Hundreds of Gay Chat Rooms

Whether you're looking for a friendship or a dating relationship, has the options you need. Whether it is a general interest you want to chat about or if it is a specific interest then a room is created just for that. No more joining 20 other rooms and searching for other gays who might be interested. has all the options you need to find someone who shares the same interests as you do.

Our chat rooms have been designed for you to have a safe and enjoyable online gay chat experience. Users can use their webcam in public areas. To enable video chatting in your room, simply select the Reveal Camera button when you enter the Lobby or any other Gay chatroom.

Connect Instantly With Free Online Chat Rooms

With Gay Chat, you'll instantly have access to all of our free chat rooms as soon as you sign up. Unlike other sites, there are no waiting lists and no fees for joining. Just log in and choose your top chat rooms or create your first chat room right away.

Gay Chat is a friendly chat site for gay and bi men. Whether you're looking to make new friends or just want some good conversation, Gay Chat lets you choose from many different ways to meet people online. Instantly start your next adventure.

Meet Other Guys For Dating

One of the key things most people will say about doing things anonymously on the internet is that "It's harder to meet guys." Well, that is never the case with for a few reasons. When you're using a service like ours you never run out of new people to talk to.

More and more dating and hookup sites are created each day but how many of them actually work? Chances are you have joined one or two in the past and either they were garbage or someone was spamming it. We pride ourself on not being like most gay chat sites out there. We value our community and want to offer the best gay chat site on the net today.

Meet New People and Make New Friends

The other benefit of Gay Chat is the opportunity to meet new people. Our website makes it easy to start conversations or start your own chat room. If you decide to create a chat room our visitors can visit your room and join right away. If you are starting one and they have the same interests, they'll automatically be and to join and chat with you.

You can also express yourself with our website. There is a "About Me" section where you can write anything you want. Your bio online will give the gay community an idea of who you are and what you like. You can use this opportunity to find somebody that shares your hobbies, interests, and preferences.

Find A Chat Room By Your Interests

We don't just have a large selection of free chat rooms. We've also created a very easy to use chat room system that allows you to chat about what's on your mind. That way, you won't find yourself in a crowded room, and you can talk to someone you have an interest in. Just enter your interests and find chat rooms that revolve around them.

If you're not interested in any of the gay chat rooms we already have, create one for yourself! Our website has a very easy to use system where you can develop your own room with just a few clicks. As long as they have Internet access, anyone can join the online chat rooms that you create.  The chat system is human-moderated, which means that there will always be people in the room when you are looking to talk. Our website works with any web browser anywhere in the world!

Join Our Community Forums

The community features on are not the only place to ask and answer questions. You can also join the Q&A Forums. Every day there are new conversations going on in our forums. You will learn a lot by reading what other people have to say, and you might find some answers to any questions regarding the gay chat room experience, or community in general.

All of our visitors are invited to join in on the discussions on our community forums. Make your opinion heard! Participate in lively discussions with other members, or start one of your own. You can also ask questions and get answers from the community on a wide range of gay-related topics.

You can also share links with others! This means you can include links in your chat room where everybody can see them or even private message them to specific people. You can share any link that is related to the topic of the chat; whether it's on another site, on YouTube, or on your personal blog.

Share Photos And Video

You may want to show off photos or videos and you may want to share them with the world. Sharing video or photos can be very fun, and can create a memorable experience for a potential friend or love interest. Not only can you share media with the person you are chatting, but also everyone else in the community. We do not censor photos or videos that are uploaded, so make sure to keep it appropriate.

You will have to create a free account before being able to upload photos or videos. If you do not want to upload them for everybody to see, then you can mark media private and only allow specific people access.

Use Our Mobile App On The Go

Whether you're on your computer or on your phone, is very easy to use. Once you register on our website, you can browse through our gay chat rooms, visit the forums, or watch videos from your phone. Any time and any where, you can talk on Our website is compatible with most mobile devices, so that no matter what phone or tablet you're using, you'll always be connected!

Get Started With Gay Chat Now

All you need to do is go to and answer a couple of questions. Once you create your account, you can join room right away with like minded men. You can immediately start chatting with your new friends and get to know one another. Best of all, you know nobody's identity, and nobody knows yours.

Anybody can start using the system without having to provide any personal information whatsoever. Our website is designed for anybody who wants to meet new people, talk about their interests, or just have fun! Signup takes only a few minutes and then you can begin having fun tonight.

There are no chat restrictions on our website - anybody can talk in any room, at any time! We welcome your ideas and feedback about the new gay chat rooms. Your opinions matter to us. You can send us suggestions or questions to Gay Chat support.

Please visit our website to start enjoying the benefits of! We are looking forward to seeing you online!